Our online reporting software: eServices

Tensio works with a ‘cloud-based’ data storage and analysis software system.

Our own experts use Tensio eServices to report to you, but ... you also have the option to use this system to generate your own reports and integrate data in the system. An interaction between our experts and your employees is the backbone of this system.


Tensio eServices can offer you the possibility to closely follow the cleaning, to continuously optimise and represents an ideal aid for satisfying quality audit requirements.

Download here the brochure on our online reporting software.

Click here to log in via this system.  Not yet a login ?  Please ask your login at sales@tensio.be.

Introducing our new mobile audit app for your Tensio e-Services account.

Simplify your daily testing.

With the push of a button. Literally.

Find out how this app and reporting tool can save you time and money. We would like to come and present our interactive demo so you can experience first hand the Tensio e-Services.

Request your non committal demo at sales@tensio.be.

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