Our approach plan

Step 1: Planning

We will define your company’s needs & objectives in a Customer Service Agreement at the start of our collaboration. This document will result in the right focus and will serve as our guide throughout the entire process.

The Customer Service Agreement isn’t a to-do list, but a clear description of your concerns and objectives, in accordance with the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound).

Step 2: Doing

We will work out a Master Cleaning Plan as follow-up to step 1, which will be used to efficiently and sustainably realise your objectives. This practical plan will include all procedures and the associated timings.

Every part of your production cycle requires a personalised cleaning programme. This is why we will develop a template which will allow you to obtain a clear insight into all your cleaning activities. This is a handy tool when training your employees, as well as being a compulsory document during audits.

Step 3: Monitoring

Regularly testing and evaluating the cleaning cycle is essential for continuously optimising the maintenance programme. Tensio conducts both cleaning and hygiene audits, which will ensure the correct and safe operation of all products.

You will also have access to eServices, our reporting platform which bundles figures and information from both analyses & checklists, as well as the online monitoring.

Step 4: Actions

Adjusting and improving the cleaning programme will result in new actions (new product tests, procedures …). That’s why we will also continue to support you after the solution has been implemented.

We will train and advise your employees to guarantee an efficient operation and would like to share best practices with them.

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