Our own wide range of products

Tensio develops professional cleaning products and disinfectants for food and drink processing companies and also produces this range in-house. We are always fully committed to realising the highest possible quality and safety standards.

We are an experienced one-stop-shop for all your specialised cleaning needs and attach a great deal of importance to innovation. Our knowledge and many years of experience allow us to respond to new developments much faster and more flexibly than our competitors.

It goes without saying you can always contact us for further advice regarding which product would be most suitable for your cleaning processes.

Tensio as distributor for the following products:

       Alcotens Skin

Alcotens Skin is a ready-to-use alcoholic disinfectant for the hands and skin to fight bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Efficacy studies prove the excellent biocidal effect. Dermatological tests show that thanks to skin care and moisturizing ingredients the skin feels soft and smooth, even after frequent use. Alcotens Skin has an admission for Belgium and the Netherlands.

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     Alcotens Surface

Alcotens Surface is a ready-to-use alcoholic disinfectant for small work surfaces and equipment to combat bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Rinsing is no longer necessary because the solution does not leave any residue. Total hygiene and time savings are ensured. Alcotens Surface has an admission for Belgium and the Netherlands.

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As a distributor of chlorine dioxide in a transportable and ready-made form, we provide the long-standing need to use this product in a safe and easy way. The excellent properties and benefits makes Clorious2 the ideal oxidation and disinfectant for water treatment. It contains no hydrochloric acid and is therefore less corrosive.

Where there was previously a need for manual mixing or the purchase of a generator, CLORIOUS2 can be immediately dosed in closed circuit. It is the medium of choice in the food sector to remove biofilm and prevent it from coming back without tolerance.

Tensio provides the technology to dose safely and correctly and ensures a proper operation after placing into service.

    Huwa-San 50F&B

Huwa-San 50 is a widely used disinfectant based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide and suitable for killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. It is colorless, odorless and moreover biodegradable.
The applications are numerous. We distribute Huwan-San mainly for space and air disinfection by fogging. Of course it can also be used as disinfection for surfaces, walls, materials, CIP piping, storage tanks, water treatment, etc.

Tensio provides the technology to dose  safely and correctly and ensures proper operation after placing into service.


More and more dairies and other food companies make use of membrane filtration in their production processes. The choice of the correct membrane cleanser depends on the membrane used, the chosen cleaning procedure, the mechanical performance of the system during cleaning and the produced end product. As a distributor of Kochkleen we can offer a wide range of acidic, alkaline, oxidizing and enzymatic membrane cleaners.

Every company is of course different. Depending on the membrane application and the purpose of the cleaning, a custom cleaning procedure can be meaningful. In order to guarantee a good and durable result, longer working life of your product and membrane, and a price-favourable cleaning, Tensio performs purposeful cleaning and production process audits in your company.

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