Check, double check

Our approach plan consists of four steps: plan, do, check and act.

We would like to use this post to provide a little more detailed information regarding the third step. The name ‘check’ says it all: at this stage we will be checking, testing and evaluating your cleaning method. These three things are essential for keeping your cleaning programme optimal.

Cleaning and hygiene

Tensio conducts both cleaning and hygiene audits. These ensure the correct and safe application of our cleaning products. These audits will tell us whether it’s necessary to update or adjust a programme. 


As we work with a ‘cloud-based’ software system for data storage and reporting, it’s very simple for our customers to log into this. Our experts use Tensio eServices to report to you, but ... this system is also available to you to produce reports and integrate data in the system. An interaction between our experts and your employees represents the backbone of this system.

You can read more about our final step ‘Act’ in next month’s blog. Curious now? Then take a look at our approach plan here.

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