YOUCA Action Day, highly recommended for any company

Students from all over the country will spend a day working at a company of their choice during the annual YOUCA Action Day. All of the wages they earn for this day’s work will go to charity. This year more than 15,000 students will be working for the Trias ngo youth project in El Salvador, as well as 7 other Belgian projects. Two of these 15,000 students were Shinto De Vos and Orrin Glorie, who came along to strengthen the Tensio workforce for a day.

Fantastic initiative

“The Youca Action Day is an initiative we are all fully committed to”, according to Tensio’s Veerle Seghers. “Students will become familiar with the workplace and, at the same time, will also be gaining valuable practical experience, whilst supporting a charity together. Highly recommended for any company!”

Educational experience

“I had previously already worked at Tensio as a job student”, says Shinto De Vos. “I instantly thought of Tensio when I started looking for a workplace for the Youca Action Day."

"I went to work in the warehouse in the morning and my focus was on administrative tasks during the afternoon. A fascinating experience with plenty of variety!” admits Orrin Glorie.

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