Protection as our 2nd safety pillar

The fact that protection is important to safety doesn’t require a great deal of explaining. Or does it? After all, there are various different types of protection. As we regularly have to deal with personal protective equipment, we’ll now abbreviate this to PPE.

According to the European Directive EC/89/686, PPE is any equipment intended to be worn by the employee in order to protect him from one or more risks which could endanger his safety or health at work. Wearing PPE is compulsory at Tensio, as we work with cleaning products and disinfectants. The appropriate use is described in the safety sheets, labels and IPI’s.

When using our cleaning products and disinfectants, wearing some PPE is essential for your own health.  We will list them up for your:

  1. Resistant gloves
  2. Protective clothing
  3. Safety glasses / Face mask
  4. Suitable safety shoes / boots
  5. Gas mask

The first 4 PPE items are compulsory, the gas mask is recommended depending on the product you’re using. Never underestimate the effects of a chemical product. Prevention is better than cure by wearing the right protection!

How you should react when something does happen is described in the next blog post.

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