Know your product: providing information as a 1st safety pillar

Safety is very high on the list of priorities at Tensio. We differentiate between three different pillars: providing information, protection and reacting.

You can read all about how we provide our employees and consumers with information in this blog post. You can also learn about this yourself using our 4 tips.

The CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 states that “employees and consumers in the European Union are provided with clear information regarding the dangers associated with chemicals by means of classification and labelling.” We regard this as being perfectly normal. Cleaning products are chemical preparations: they are therefore made up of various different components, which each carry a certain risk.

In order to eliminate these risks, or to reduce them to an absolute minimum, it’s essential for everyone to be able to recognise these easily and subsequently know how to deal with them.

Our labels on the packaging comply with the legal conditions in terms of form and content. It’s important for you to follow these 4 tips:

1. Thoroughly read the label.

Many cleaning products look exactly the same, but can actually have completely different properties. This can result in major damage, not just to yourself, but also to the materials being cleaned

2. Keep the product in the original packaging.

If you still see the need to change the packaging for whatever reason, make sure this is thoroughly cleaned and remove all existing labels. Subsequently stick the appropriate label to the new packaging.

3. Never smell an unfamiliar product. 

You never know what surprise may await you.

4. Familiarise yourself with the hazard symbols.

Just because a label doesn’t display any hazard symbols, does not automatically mean using it is without risk. Always respect the generally applicable safety and hygiene regulations when working with chemical preparations. Knowing the hazard symbols will certainly help you with this.

Acquiring safety information plays an important role where the safe working with chemicals is concerned. This is why a European directive was drawn up in 1991, setting out all the conditions which a safety data sheet needs to satisfy. All of Tensio’s safety data sheets comply with the latest European Directive 2001/58/EC.

The safety data sheet (SDS) contains 16 mandatory sections about the product in question. In addition to indicating the hazards, this sheet also provides further information, such as any applicable precautions and personal protective equipment.

In addition to indications about the safety of the product, the product data sheet (PDS) also includes recommendations regarding the correct use, information about the most suitable materials and dosage. It will usually also provide information regarding a method for determining the concentration.

And lastly we find the internal plant instructions (IPI), which will be put on display in chemical rooms and production facilities. This provides a summary of the hazards to both people and the environment, with the correct hazard symbols per product. Safety regulations, the code of conduct and First Aid are all addressed. The instructions also provide a description of the correct storage and waste management.

In need of a refresher? You can find all the new hazard symbols and their meanings here.

Providing information is incredibly important to us. And providing protection is too! Why? You can read all about that in our next blog post.

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