Case in the picture: Savings by our PDCA approach

We applied the PDCA approach on a leading european food group in bakery products.

Our primary objectif was to find out what drives the company so that we could offer the right products and services, which perfectly link into the customer’s requirements. Subsequently, we were challenged to further analyse and optimise the site’s efficiency and thus reducing costs. 

And the results ?  They speak for themselves:

  • The cleaning hours were reduced by 29% over a 3 year period, as cleaning was being done more efficiently.
  • The effect on the wage costs was therefore quite significant. After all, a saving of more than 321,000 € was realised over a 3 year period.
  • The warm water consumption was also reduced by 16% during that same period, resulting in a saving of 1625 m³.
  • A total annual saving of 122.763 € was realised.

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