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How do we validate, verify and optimise a cleaning procedure?

At Tensio, 1 in 4 of our employees will be with you in the workplace either before, during or after a clean. We supplement our knowledge and expertise with a number of inspection instruments.

We inspect the surfaces, closed (CIP) and open (COP) cleaning systems, water and air quality.

1. Hygiene inspection test without instrument

Colour test for sugar residue
A fast, simple hygiene inspection with a colour test, based on glucose/lactose detection. No instrument required, results within 60 seconds

Fast protein test
Protein test based on colour indication, with results within 10 minutes. No instrument required, simple to read and economical to use.

Allergen monitoring
Detect protein residues on surfaces. Maximum sensitivity (up to 1 µg of protein) is realised if the swab is incubated. This makes the test suitable for allergen monitoring

2. Hygiene inspection test with instrument

ATP surface test and ATP water test
User-friendly all-in-one test for a fast hygiene inspection. This guarantees careful, reproducible results. Bioluminescent meters detect the presence of ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) on a surface or in water samples. The presence of ATP on cleaned surfaces or in water indicates biological contamination.

Ready-to-use nutrient bases allow us to make provisions for the type and amount of microorganisms.

Chemical residues
Every cleaning and disinfection procedure must include the required rinsing time, which is necessary before production can continue free from residue. We use titrations, surface tension measurements, quick tests and/or chromatographic tests to display the correct rinsing times. This will often lead to important time savings.

Chemical concentration
The frequent and correct determination of the concentration of cleaning and disinfection products is an absolute necessity. Together with the duration (time), temperature and labour, this represents one of the four important factors which form part of every effective cleaning procedure. The right concentrations are mapped out through the use of titrations, conductivity measurements, quick tests and other specific methods.

A fast and accurate determination of chlorine dioxide is essential for an optimal operation. Measuring chlorite is a regular requirement when using chlorine dioxide as a drinking water disinfectant. Tensio uses a unique, simple, sequential sensor technology for determining chlorine dioxide, chlorite and free chlorine.

Procedure inspection
Being present in the workplace during a clean will allow us to check whether all parameters of a cleaning procedure (chemicals, time, temperature and labour) have been satisfied. This is the only way we can take action to allow for further improvements.

UV inspection
A UV inspection is an important test to check whether a tank, device or surface is being sufficiently hydrated during a clean. The surface is injected with a fluorescent vitamin preparation, after which a rinse takes place. After the rinse we will check the removal of the vitamin preparation via a visual inspection with a UV lamp.

CIP diagnosis
Tensio has the option of following up CIP procedures with the aid of a mobile CIP diagnosis system. Automated cleaning processes use a great deal of water, energy and cleaning and disinfecting products. We can use our mobile CIP diagnosis to map out and analyse the entire cleaning process. We will come up with an extensive proposal for optimisation of the cleaning process, based on this analysis.
The mobile CIP diagnosis system consists of a stainless steel measuring unit, DN 80 “milk couplings” (DIN 11851), length approximately 1500 mm and the following measuring devices:

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